Our vision for the MoBooks children’s series is to help improve reading culture by making reading a pleasure, especially for children in underprivileged homes, more so on the African continent. For example, UNICEF reported that 87% of children are unable to read and understand a simple text by the age of 10 in Sub-Saharan Africa

This book series will help by bringing diversity, context and representation to the table, all of which are relevant components in making reading and learning to read fun and enjoyable. The books some of us read as children did not represent us, so reading became more like a chore instead of something to look forward to.

For most of us, our parents never read us bedtime stories. We began to learn to read in grade school.

Reading is just not part of our culture despite the fact that early reading in any language is fundamental to cognitive development. The fact that English is a second language for most is also another setback. We believe that most of us are operating at much less than our potential because of the lag in learning to read.

The book series seeks to contribute toward changing this by making reading fun, whilst providing much-needed context and representation at the same time and we are convinced that parents will be more than happy to read our books to their children.

Finally, our books transcend race, color and creed. They have a universal message that will resonate with anyone, no matter your geographical location or national origin… and they will add flavor to your bookshelf at home.